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1 Life to Live: Asa’s Wives

Megan is dying and Asa gives her a history of all his wives. Characteristics: Jessica Tuck as Megan Gordon, Clint Richie as Clint Buchanan, Robert S. Woods as Bo Buchanan, Phil Carey as Asa Buchanan, Patricia Elliot as Renee Divine Buchanan, Taina Elg as Olympia Buchanan, Christine Jones as Pamela Stuart, Julia Montgomery as Samantha Vernon, Shelly Burch as Delilah Ralston, and Mary Gordon Murray as Becky Lee Abbott.

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13 Responses to “1 Life to Live: Asa’s Wives”

  1. momofbestbaby3 says:

    What about blair? lol

  2. delidude1999 says:

    @Richieygrl i see that now! thanks

  3. Richieygrl says:

    @delidude1999- Becky Lee was the brunette that Asa told that this proposal was the most honest since he got on his knees and asked Olympia 40y ears ago.

  4. delidude1999 says:

    they left out becky leee

  5. delidude1999 says:

    the first onew in the blue dress

  6. tristandrews says:

    I am going to miss wild crazy ( Asa)Phil Carey. r.i.p.

  7. bette1908 says:

    The one that shot him at the beginning. She is Bo & Clint’s mother

  8. miggy25 says:

    which one was Olympia?? i always wanted to see the original Olympia!

  9. earlymid90schild says:

    That’s actually Dorian Lopinto as Sam in this clip.

  10. bacrane says:

    yup it is One Life To Live..Taina Elg played Olympia Buchanan…first wife to the legendary character, Asa Buchanan..and mother of the 2 biggest male leads in OLTL history, Clint and Bo Buchanan

  11. MosesAron says:

    Is this a soap opera? I love Taina Elg its a pitty that she did not make more movies.

  12. bacrane says:

    wow…so Olympia and Asa got married in 1943..that’s interesting.

  13. Abbyviki says:

    I do admit Lindsey does a good Olympia. Now we see the real one.

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