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I am a TV addict.  There I’ve said it.  I grew up in the seventies and eighties watching classic re-runs.  I would watch anything.  I love it all.  This site is dedicated to those great memories and the rich heritage of television.

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  1. Anjil says:

    I am also a TV addict and am enjoying your site.

  2. Steven says:


    I don’t who you are or where you got these clips of Bozo the Clown but you rocked my world. I’ll tell you how:

    In 1966 at age 7 in first grade. I was on Bozo the Clown in Boston. I always distinctly recalled knowing where I sat. I figured even if it was 1966 out of 52 shows a year the odds were nil that I would be on one of these few shows let alone able to spot myself! So I sat studied each clip knowing where too look. I’d be sitting right next to Bozo’s entrance in the first row at the very end. @#$%^ A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BINGO!!! I SPOTTED MYSELF!!! Are you *&^%$ kidding me?!?!?

    You want to talk about outrageous coincidences and extreme randomness??? This is it . You won’t find anything in life this absurd! This is 45 YEARS AGO!! ago, a local little TV show, a couple hundred shows Channel 5 had moved to Needham from Dorchester when it changed hands in 1970 (now WCVB), and has since been sold four times already, and those shows were trashed. This is Lottery number odds finding mysell here!!

    The irony is that I used to work at Channel 5 starting in 1977 (who knew, 11 years later) and know a bit of the history of the sale between WHDH and WCVB. Quite a dispute over the license and I know WHDH did not want to sell their old shows to CVB as part of the sale. Most of them all got trashed.

    Because I knew where I sat, I knew where to look. BINGO!!!! I found myself!! My mother dressed me in gray suit (and the boy to MY left was a long time childhood friend (who I haven’t seen in 30 years) but know his Mom –she’s best friends with my mother, was stunned too. She saw this and said yes, that’s my son and Steven. Not many dressed their kids in red suits like that. Bombastically stunning!! I am beside myself after week of finding this.

    I am in the very first clip/show that appears in the immediately when Bozo makes his big entry on the left side of the screen, in the first row between two boys wearing red suits..

    This is absolutely stunning and random.

    Where did you get these? Classic!

    Thanks for posting it.

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